Working in construction can be intense and very demanding, yet it can also be a hugely rewarding and exciting experience.  In today’s challenging market with tight budgets and timelines, many contractors and project teams feel the need to set down clearly defined boundaries and barriers where “our responsibility stops here!”.  While very understandable, this in most cases does not really help with the nature of a successful construction project where by default there can be multiple overlaps.

Our approach is different from this “we work for” attitude in that we very much have a “we work together” mentality where practically possible to remove the barriers and overcome problems with clear workable solutions.

We will either take responsibility for these tricky overlapping items as part of our package or work and advise beyond our remit to make the project successful.
We have the technical ability, skills and experienced team to enable us to do this.

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Fabrite Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide our clients with innovative solutions as a multi-faceted construction provider. We aspire to be the market leader delivering world class design and build project solutions, with an emphasis on integrity, quality, costs and Client satisfaction.